Has social media gone too…. Sexual?

A Brief Glance At The History.


Beginning operations in 2016, the British manufactured website was born with the sole intention of allowing viewers to directly pay creators for their content. OnlyFans initially was set for chefs and artists alike to share content and funded by those with an interest towards the specific content. The focus of this infamous website altered slightly upon the pandemic which wreaked havoc upon the world. With many people laid-off, businesses closing, and the painstaking isolation/quarantine, new interests in the website arose; these interests grew into mainly pornography-like content. Between the months of March and April during the pandemic, the OnlyFans saw an increase of creators by 75%, increasing by roughly 200,000 subscribers a day. More and more people saw opportunity and ran with their ideas. With the lack of restrictions, any creator could publish content varying from recipes for a cake to full nudity and masturbation or sexual acts. Such materials would otherwise be banned on any other platform, which increased the interest into the website. OnlyFans (check out premium OnlyFans for free) has become the most conducive platform for adult performers, sex workers, and models to create and display content for their fans, hyper-sexualizing a culture already viewed as over-sexualized by previous generations. The site claims to be a “powerful and useful tool” for influencers, but just powerful can it become?



OnlyFans: Social Media on the rise!


Heavily considered nowadays as a website for obscure and mature content, the base morals remain intact. The relationship between creator and viewer strengthens the belief and values, seeing new pathways previously unobtainable. Viewers are able to message the performers/creators directly and the other side is granted the opportunity to respond back and forth personally to feedback, compliments, and similar. Both sides are able to interact with each other in ways that feel intimate. The experience becomes more personal, more enjoyable, and memorable. The subscribers feel heard, recognized, and acknowledged by the creator, with the bond created ever solidifying. From voting on content to personal messaging back and forth, both sides are able to receive better feedback than any other social media platform. The feeling of inclusion helps the social media part of OnlyFans to feel emotions many people craved during the pandemic, continue to crave today. These feelings are not purely sexually; intimacy of someone to talk to when we feel alone are included in the mix. The key driving force for many people is that possibility of feeling less alone and included into something that interests them. OnlyFans creates such an addictive platform that topping other social media websites looks easy, and it succeeds!