How to use a private Instagram viewer?

As you know, Instagram has two privacy setting options. You can either choose to stick to the default settings and keep the account public or switch the privacy setting to turn your account private. If your account is public, the content you share on your account is visible to everyone. However, if the account is private, the content is visible to only those following that account.

Gaining access to a private Instagram account

There may be situations where you may need to view a private account that you are not following. You can send a follow request or wait for it to be approved, or you might even be tempted to make a fake account to gain access. However, both of the methods may not work in most cases. If a private account owner is particular about their privacy, they may be very selective about who they let in.

The good news is the above two methods are not the only options. There is a third more effective solution: a private Instagram viewer. It is an online tool that can help you access private content on Instagram. If you want to view your child’s private account to ensure their well-being or your significant other if you suspect they are cheating on you, you can use a private Instagram viewer for the purpose.

How to use a private Instagram viewer

Whatever your reason to view a private Instagram account may be, here is how you can use a private Instagram viewer.

When you enter the Instagram viewer site, you will be required to enter the profile URL; however, the profile needs to be authentic and active. If you do not have the profile URL, you can simply enter an accurate username for that particular account. Once done, click “view profile,” and the Instagram viewer will take you that profile from thereon.

You will be able to see almost all content from that account, including images, videos and even messages. You can browse all kinds of media files on that account and even export them into .zip files. You can also recover messages and files from that account.

You do not need to worry about revealing your identity as the proxy site allows you to remain undetected and safe. You do not need to log into your account to view the Instagram content, and the account owner will not have any idea that you are exploring their account.

We agree that gaining unauthorized access to someone’s private account is not ethical; however, certain instances call for such measures, some of which we have discussed above. For instance, your child’s safety is your responsibility and concern, and if you fear that they are engaging in dubious interactions on social media, you may need to find out what they are up to and rectify the situation if required.