Private Instagram Viewers

When people visit a social media site, they leave a little bit of themselves on the site. This is obviously true when you are posting on a site and sharing your photos, your interests, and yourself, but it is also true on the other side of the aisle when you are visiting a site. You are leaving behind a footprint of yourself on that site as well and your presence is being recorded and noted for advertisers.



Instagram and Other Sites Track Information You View




When you visit an Instagram page your presence on that site is noted and used as a way of tracking your interests. Sites that emphasize different specific elements that you seem to be interested in will begin to track you and a history of your presence on the site will be used to serve you ads that you are more likely to be interested in viewing. Instagram will then use this information with Facebook and other third party affiliates to provide you with more advertising that you are likely interested in, to one degree or another, and you will then start to see ads that fill in these needs. This is thought to be a win for both you and the advertisers; you gain exposure to products that you may be interested in buying while the advertiser gains brand recognition and the ability to potentially sell you a product. Instagram, of course, gains some advertising revenue in the feature. Except it isn’t always a win for all parties.




The cost of Visiting an Instagram Page




Some people will guard their privacy pretty closely and not want to share a lot of themselves with the third parties that track them, effectively selling their online presence in exchange for some information on a site. Other people may be interested in visiting an Instagram only in a haphazard and anonymous manner, and not with a deep interest in a theme such as fashion. As a result, the presence of ads and a tracking as a fashion fan may lead to a lot of poor results. Luckily a private Instagram page viewer may be the right solution for you.




What is a private Instagram page viewer?




An Instagram private account viewer is a tool that allows you to anonymously visit a website without the fear of being tracked and noticed on the website and kept in a log for an endless period of time. You can rest assured your presence will not be noted and others won’t recognize you on the site.